Having a child start school; can be both exciting and nerve wrecking.

Ultimately parents/ carers want their child to be happy and healthy; whilst enjoying learning and building positive relationships.

So how can parents/ carers and professionals who work with children best support them to enter this new stage of life with readiness and confidence?

Join Sonia Bestulic in this incredibly valuable masterclass helping you to:

  • Uncover the links between speech, language, and literacy learning success

  • Discover the building blocks for learning to read and spell

  • Explore your child’s learning style

  • Foster your child’s emotional resilience

  • Discover ways to support your child’s confident communication

  • Know when your child might need any additional support and how to access it

  • Proactively nurture the life skills for children to thrive and flourish

Who is it for?

  • Parents/ Carers; especially those who have children starting school next year

  • Professionals who work with children (e.g. Early Childhood Education, Allied Health)

  • Students of Allied Health, Education, Early Education

Prepare your child, or the children you work with to thrive and flourish at school and beyond.

3 months access is granted for this masterclass from the time of login.